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What would the world be without music?

«Applause is the artist’s bread and butter.» – Maybe not quite, because it’s usually pretty hard to live on applause alone. To change that, we are committed to «reach» for musicians, artists and talents, and that alone with the support of all readers. You can actively support our initiative: with CHF 20.-/month.
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Being an artist or musician is a big challenge these days. Let’s take Hanna’s example. Hanna is 24 years old, writes her own songs in her free time and publishes them online. She gets a lot of applause for her talent. But she cannot live from music alone. For musicians and artists, reach is an essential factor in their success. Whether it’s the reach on Spotify, Apple Music or Deezer, for example, which translates into hard cash for them, or whether it’s their level of awareness, on which many bookings are made dependent. With stories about Hanna, we achieve that more people will get to know Hanna and her community will grow. The more supporters we get together, the further and faster we can progress on our roadmap and the more extensive the commitment to musicians and artists will be.

Our commitment should be open to every talent without hesitation.That’s why you, too, become a supporter today. With a subscription of CHF 20 per month you are doing something valuable.

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For reasons of readability, the masculine form was chosen in the text, nevertheless the information refers to members of all biological and social sexes.

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